The Devil’s Bargain

Based on: The Legend of Faust

London, 1699. A dying man makes a deal with the Devil. (Well, the Devil’s civil servant – the Devil is busy). In return for a long life of wealth and power, he will devote himself to doing Satan’s work however he can. Over the next three centuries, we see him live several lives in his mission to make the world a worse place. A mission will lead him to a surprising destination…

Rebirth of Flight

Based on: The Ugly Duckling

Aderyn has never worn her swan wings before. Always considered the ugly outsider, she puts them on for the first time when she is invited to a midnight party in the middle of the forest. But the night will end in terror. When she reports what happened to the village elders the next day, they do not believe her story. So if Aderyn is ever to heal, others must say “me too…”

Kewpid and Psych-ee

Based on: The Greek Myth of Cupid and Psyche

An idealistic young law student, whose online dating name is Psych-ee, goes on a blind date with a mysterious woman called Kewpid.

She’s rich, powerful, and the two of them fall in love. But there’s just one catch: she will never reveal her face.

Kewpid whisks Psych-ee away on her private jet to a magnificent castle in the Mediterranean. Here he must choose between two futures – a life doing good for the poor, or abandon it all for a life of untold riches. But not before he discovers the horrifying truth about who Kewpid really is…